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a NVOxpress é detentora de Cédula da Alfândega

NVOxpress holds a Customs Certificate

We inform you that NVOxpress holds a Customs Certificate. Any entity that regularly carries out the activity of declaring before customs will have to hold the respective card, which will serve as identification before customs services. For more information about this or any other service, contact us by email at or by phone at […]
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NVOxpress renova Certificação Excelência da APAT

NVOxpress renews APAT Excellence Certification

NVOxpress renews APAT Excellence Certification. The Administrator of NVOxpress, Luísa Sousa, received today from Inês Simões Carneiro (APAT North Regional Manager) and António Nabo Martins (APAT Executive President) the APAT Certificate of Excellence. The Seal of Excellence was created by APAT to distinguish members with requirements that it considers fundamental, such as suitability and professional […]
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O Vitor está de Parabéns!

Congratulations to Vitor!

The NVOxpress Team and Management wish you a Happy Birthday! May you have a happy and well spent day. It’s a wet but blessed day, in your case. If you didn’t bring cake and sparkling wine, you already know you’ll pay a fine… Hugs and kisses.
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NVOxpress presente na 7.ª Conferência Anual da OWN.

NVOxpress present at OWN’s 7th Annual Conference.

NVOxpress present at OWN’s 7th Annual Conference. NVOxpress, represented by Luísa Sousa (Administrator) is present at the 7th Annual Conference of OWN – One World Network, which takes place between Oct. 31 and Nov. 3, 2023, in Cambodia. NVOxpress is also one of the event’s official sponsors. Committed to the continuous improvement of the services […]
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