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NVOxpress recebe Certificado Ambiental ALFALOC

NVOxpress receives ALFALOC Environmental Certificate

ALFALOC awarded NVOxpress the Environmental Certificate for the positive impact resulting from the use of its services, within the scope of the Eco-Friendly model. In addition to optimizing services in 2022, NVOxpress also managed to reduce the ecological footprint per service performed, compared to 2021. In addition to thanking the award, we would like to […]
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Serviços de carga de projecto “chave-na-mão” e de transporte especial

Turnkey project cargo and special transport services.

Turnkey project cargo and special transport services. We provide logistical and special transport solutions for industrial projects. Turnkey project cargo and special transport services for various sectors such as civil construction, mining, renewable energies, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, among others. For Special Cargo, different solutions and intelligent services. – Detailed study, minimizing risks. – […]
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Linhas de navegação podem interromper operações no Paquistão, alerta a PSAA.

Shipping lines could disrupt operations in Pakistan, PSAA warns.

Shipping agents advised the government of Pakistan of the possibility of a complete stop of all export cargo. Foreign shipping companies are considering discontinuing their services to Pakistan following the failure of banks to pay freight due to the lack of dollars. In addition to the bordering countries, almost all of Pakistan’s international logistics are […]
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NVOxpress marca presença na INTERMODAL 2023.

NVOxpress is present at INTERMODAL 2023.

NVOxpress is present at INTERMODAL 2023. NVOxpress will be present at INTERMODAL 2023 which will take place between February 28th and March 2nd in São Paulo, Brazil. INTERMODAL South America is the largest Logistics, Intralogistics and Cargo Transport event on the American continent. This 27th edition brings together around 500 exhibitors and more than 40,000 […]
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