New NVOxpress Website Launch

New NVOxpress Website Launch

Novo Website - NVOxpress

New Website – NVOxpress


Content may be important, but the image also is, we decided to update ours.

It is with great pride that we announce the launch of the new NVOxpress website.
A more dynamic content, a larger interface and a renewed image.

We want to give the best service to our current and new customers, reach a wider audience and raise awareness of the importance of the Transport and Logistics business.

In addition, in our blog you can follow news relevant to the Transport and Logistics sector: news, legislation, technical articles… You can also comment your suggestions, know where we are and be closer to us. All focused for a complete and professional information and to provide an overview of what we do.

In addition to the new image, we try to provide a better functionality of the page, as well as the availability of more and better content, hoping that these adapt to the needs of our customers and partners.

Among the new features, the site also contains integrated social networking buttons for Facebook and LinkedIn, to promote better communication with our customers. Besides the implementation of the “responsive design” technology, also known as “mobile friendly”, so you can consult our site in a fast and simple way, on your computer or in the convenience of your smartphone.

In terms of communication, we are now more capable and better equipped to implement a communication strategy and proximity to our customers.
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Thanks for everything,
The NVOxpress team

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