NVOxpress renews APAT Excellence Certification

NVOxpress renova Certificação Excelência da APAT

NVOxpress renews APAT Excellence Certification.

The Administrator of NVOxpress, Luísa Sousa, received today from Inês Simões Carneiro (APAT North Regional Manager) and António Nabo Martins (APAT Executive President) the APAT Certificate of Excellence.

The Seal of Excellence was created by APAT to distinguish members with requirements that it considers fundamental, such as suitability and professional capacity.

Being an APAT member for at least 24 months, proving financial autonomy equal to or greater than 10% and having enrolled your workers in specialized training courses provided by the Association are other requirements to obtain the APAT Seal of Excellence.

In addition to the guarantee of financial solidity, customers of a Freight Forwarder with a Seal of Excellence know that they have reputable professionals at their side with adequate technical knowledge to ensure that the process of exporting/importing goods runs smoothly.

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